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We aren’t some fly-by-night painting company. We’ve been leaving Ottawa home owners satisfied for over 4 years and hire only the most skilled and experienced painters who know what their doing.

Any Job, Big Or Small

Whether you need a single room painted, or a large commercial property, our crew has the experience and tools necessary to get the job done on time and within budget.

Awesome Reviews

We’re not so fly by night group of painting contractors or university students looking for extra cash over the summer. We’ve been helping Ottawa home owners for over five years and have the great feedback to prove it. Click here to read what some of our clients have to say!


Experienced and Insured Painting Contractors

Our team is focused on providing quality painting services at an affordable rate. We treat every project like it’s our own and pride ourselves on massive attention to detail. No sloppy jobs – we leave your residence as clean (always cleaner!) than when we found it. We’re 100% dedicated to satisfying every customer and our customer reviews show it.

From small bachelor condo’s, to larger commercial properties, exterior and interior job’s, contact us today to get a hassle-free, no-obligation quote today!

 Interior and Exterior Home Painters

We’ve completed hundreds of jobs around the Ottawa-Gatineau Area, of varying sizes and both interior and exterior. Our service includes it all – preparing the surface, removing any blemishes or existing paint (especially important for exterior siding jobs), as well as extra coats if necessary. We pride ourselves on not cutting corners,  honest transparent pricing and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire A Professional Home Painting Company?

The need to have your home or business painted is usually met with disgust when you get a few quotes from local painting companies. You might find the prices too high and consider taking the project on yourself with some friends. But before you break out your old jeans and start slapping paint on the walls, there are some hidden benefits of spending the extra coin to have a professional do it instead.

First, if you’re a busy person, having a company meet your residential or commercial painting needs is a great idea. While they do charge more, they can get the job done much much faster than you could since they have the experience and manpower. The faster they can get it done, the faster you can move on with adding new furniture or renting it out if that’s the case.

Secondly, while painting is generally a pretty safe home improvement task, if you have any higher areas you need to coat, climbing a ladder can be a daunting task. On top of that, if you decide to do it yourself, you can probably hurt yourself and not have any recourse. Hiring a pro means they have experience and liability insurance should anything go wrong – so you’re covered!

 Whether you’ve decided to take on your painting project yourself, or you’ve hired a local painting contractor, you’re going to need to get the area prepared and ready for a successful paint job. If you’re doing it yourself this might involve stuff like making sure any large cumbersome furniture is out of the way or covered appropriately. Also, wiping down the wall with an all purpose cleaner or even just a warm soapy cloth will keep dust or other particles from getting painted over and causing more coats to need to be applied. If you’ve hired a professional, they will deal with the surface preparation, but most will recommend and appreciate you moving couches and bed frames out of the way. Most will even be willing to help if you give them enough notice.

For homeowners who are painting their own property, preparing the area is absolutely key. It will reduce the probability of additional coats being needed as well as dripping paint ruining your carpets or wood floors. We recommend throwing down some tarps or old bed sheets to remedy this. Also, painters tape is relatively inexpensive and can help you get that professional finish when dealing with baseboards and around doors.

In terms of preparations for exterior paint jobs this is a bit more specific. We don’t recommend doing this yourself unless you are really experienced. Removal of the old paint from the siding is a tedious process that either requires you to scrape off every last bit, or use a pressure washer. Either way, you’ll want to avoid painting over the existing coat as that can cause an uneven finish and make for an aesthetically un-satisfactory exterior.

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